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Use Your Ears strives to change lives, one song at a time! Through our success-driven techniques and mentoring services, we help youth in need ages 8 to 24 to express their thoughts and emotions through the art of songwriting.


Our courses encourage positive outward expression to promote social and emotional healing, increase academic performance, and positively alter behavioral and thinking patterns while fostering creativity.


Advanced courses and business fundamentals catalyze leadership, independence, and an entrepreneurial mindset and our creative songwriting process is both efficient and effective. And individualized programming helps young and aspiring artists to capitalize on their own work.


Your contribution allows participants to complete courses with a sense of accomplishment, a more positive outlook for the future, and tangible, professional work of art of their own.


Use Your Ears is a registered nonprofit organization headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Your contribution is fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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