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Use Your Ears is a Columbus, Ohio based non-profit organization that provides beginner, intermediate, advanced music/songwriting courses, mentorship,
and workshops for youth over the age of 8 to 24.

Our courses are designed to increase personal development and assist individuals in overcoming emotional, academic or behavioral challenges.

We provide a safe and structured environment that inspires creative

thinking and positive individual outward expression.

Our mission: "To free the mind of fear that freedom is unattainable."

About Us

Use Your Ears was developed by Works of Freedom, LLC, a for-profit music training center that offers paid lessons in instrumentation, engineering, composition, and songwriting.

   After creating Works of Freedom, founder Eric Rollin saw the positive impact that the music programs were having on its students, and sought to find a way to bring those benefits to others in need. 

   Use Your Ears is a Columbus based non profit organization that provides mentoring services through the art of songwriting. We have developed

success driven techniques to help youth in need ages 8 and up put their thoughts and emotions into words to create a song.

   Our creative songwriting courses are designed to serve as a tool to encourage positive outward expression in order to promote social and emotional healing, increase academic performance, positively alter behavioral and thinking patterns and foster creativity.

   We encourage leadership, independence and an entrepreneurial mindset by offering business fundamentals as a part of our advanced courses. Our

creative songwriting process is highly efficient and effective. We are an INDIVIDUALLY based program that teaches the individual how to capitalize on their own art work.

   Use Your Ears strives to change lives one song at a time. Our participants complete their courses with a sense of accomplishment, a more positive outlook on the future, and a tangible and professional work

of art of their own.

   Use Your Ears opened in February 2021 and began supporting other
non-profit organizations and groups that provide services to our youth in need.
By expanding upon the fundamental training components that have been developed at Works of Freedom, we are able to provide comprehensive programming to benefit the community at large.

Facts  &  questions

QUESTION:  Where are lessons held?

ANSWER:  Courses are being held in person and virtually.
Recording sessions will be held at 700 Bryden Road, Columbus, Ohio  43215.

QUESTION:  What materials do I need to bring?

ANSWER:  You will need headphones, a pen or pencil, and cell phone, tablet or laptop.


QUESTION:  Do I need experience to enroll?

ANSWER:  No experience is required for the beginner lessons or any of the additional course options. 


QUESTION:  Can I request private lessons?

ANSWER:  Private and in-home lessons are available upon request.

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